Crusher Buckets

Crusher buckets allow waste to be processed on site using just one excavator, one operator. 40 Seconds from start to finish. With no off site transport and no landfill tax.

Model Recommended Excavator Load Capacity Opening Dimensions Output Setting Dimensions
BF60.1 >8 Ton 0.6 square meter L 610 H530mm >15mm  <110mm 1790 x 1000H 1160mm
BF90.3 >20 Ton 0.9 square meter L 910 H530mm >15mm  <135mm 2150 x 1350H x 1450mm
120.4 >28 Ton 1.3 square meter L 1210 H530mm >15mm  <140mm 2150 x 1650H x 1450mm


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