Our servicing and repair solutions and in-house workshops enable us to provide customers with a convenient and reliable source of supply for their requirements. We can complete repairs and resolve breakdowns in the quickest time to minimise disruption and downtime.


Repairs & Maintenance

We provide an on site repair service for all attachments to do a “quick fix” jobs such as re-gassing, chisel & hose changing to get our customers back up and running as soon as possible.


Spare Parts

Our Parts store has a wide range of chisels, bushes, diaphragms & many more parts to leave down time at a minimum.

Service & Repair

Here at CES we carry out a full range of repairs and maintenance not only on our own attachments but also on our customers attachments in our purpose built workshop located in West London.

Here we have a team of fully trained technicians to get our customers back up and running as soon as possible. 

Purpose Built Fabricating

Our purpose built fabricating shop is designed for all welding repairs or maintenance on the attachments, repairing anything from breaker cradles to pulverisor teeth.